Orlando Vegan Market Hosts a Brunch Market

Purgatory Orlando Chick’n Biscuit with Hunee Budder and Spicy Jam

The Orlando Vegan Market recently hosted a brunch market at the Veranda at Thornton Park! This outdoor event space was a great venue for the gorgeous Central Florida winter weather. The event hosted a large variety of vendors, all of which provided only vegan items.

My first stop at the Orlando Vegan Market was at Purgatory Orlando! I tried out their Chick’n Biscuit, and added Hunee Budder and Spicy Jam, which was an awesome combination!

Purgatory Orlando Menu

Earthy Picks was the next stop around the market. I tried the Three Locos Tacos. The tacos are filled with black beans, mushrooms, sprouts, spicy mayo, hot sauce, and pico de gallo.

Earthy Picks Three Locos Tacos

Earth Picks offers a variety of Latin vegan options that are filled with flavor!

Earthy Picks Menu

Buku Vegan offers delicious baked goods and treats! I was super impressed with their choco-biscoff cake jar! The cake was super moist and I loved the biscoff layer in the middle!

Buku Vegan Treats

The mini banana bread slices were amazing! They are both gluten free and vegan! Everything I tried was delicious, and I never would have guessed it was vegan.

Buku Vegan Cake Jars

Drip Juice Therapy offers cold pressed juice in a variety of flavors. I tried the Mt. Kale-imanjaro, which contains kale, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, green apple, lemon, and ginger. The lemon and green apple masked the veggies in this refreshing drink!

MT Kale-imanjaro

Drip Juice Therapy also offers shots and a variety of avocado toast options, including Nice Haas, Italian Haas, and Mexican Haas.

Drip Juice Therapy Menu

De La Isla Orlando offers Puerto Rican vegan food. I tried the Plato Navideño, which includes rice with pigeon peas, sweet plantains, jackfruit pernil, and a cilantro garlic sauce! I had never tried jackfruit that was as tender as the jackfruit pernil.

De La Isla Orlando also offers Sancocho and Mojito de Guanabana in their lineup!

Peaceful Pastries, sister company to the Peaceful Plate, had a great variety of breakfast options. I tried the Power Waffles with Fruit! The waffles were cooked perfectly, and are gluten free and packed with protein!

The waffles are made with buckwheat, oat, chia, hemp, sweet potato, gogi, and açaí. They are topped with butter, puffed rice, and maple syrup. Additional toppings are available.

The Thirsty Husky Coffee immediately caught my eye because of the adorable husky out front! She also is the logo of the brand, which I love! I am a husky owner myself, so I was very excited to see this vendor at the market!

I ordered a cold brew with oat milk, and was very impressed! Usually adding plant based milks waters down a cold brew, but not this cold brew! Delish!

Aint Got No Beef was serving up comfort food, and wow it was delicious. I tried the cauliflower wings and Mac n cheese and both were impressive!

The Mac n cheese was super creamy and tasted like the real deal. The cauliflower was prepared in a way that made it firmer and more wing-like. The sauce was also tasty!

Melatta V Gurt

My last stop at the market was at the Melatta booth. Melatta makes plant based spreads, yogurts, and soon even more options. I was happy to see them at the market, as we have been buddies for a few years now! The yogurts are very tasty and creamy, and have a coconut base. Give them a try if you see them around town!

Thank you to all of the vendors and hosts at the Orlando Vegan Market Brunch Market! I had a great time and left with a full belly!

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