ICON Park Hosts 3rd Annual Sip n’ Savor Event Presented by Truly Hard Seltzer

The Wheel at ICON Park

ICON Park hosted its 3rd Annual Sip n’ Savor Event, presented by Truly Hard Seltzer on Saturday, January 30, 2021! Sip n’ Savor is a great way to sample from some of ICON Park’s restaurants and enjoy time at the Lawn Bar, and on The Wheel!

Chicken and Donuts from Tin Roof

We visited the Tin Roof tent to sample some chicken and donuts, served with maple syrup! These bite sized portions were delicious! The donuts were fluffy, hot, and fresh, and contrasted the flavor of the savory chicken.

Brisket from Ole Red

Next we tried the smoked brisket, served with choice of sauce and coleslaw from Ole Red! Ole Red is owned by Blake Shelton, and is one of the newest restaurants at ICON Park. The brisket was tender and made a great combo.

Queensland Chicken and Steak Pasta from Outback Steakhouse

An easy choice was the Queensland Chicken and Steak Pasta from Outback Steakhouse. Served with proteins, it definitely caught my eye.

Black Cherry Truly Lemonade

Taking a trip to ICON Park means a ride on The Wheel! During the Sip n’ Savor event, Truly Hard Seltzer’s were served to guests who were in line for The Wheel at no cost! It was a bonus to sip this Black Cherry Lemonade Truly while catching sky high views of Orlando!

View from The Wheel, looking at the Star Flyer

We finished our time at ICON Park with stunning views in every direction from atop The Wheel!

Thank you to the ICON Park team for great hospitality! If you have an opportunity to attend Sip n’ Savor in the future, I’d highly recommend it!

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