Buddy Custard Is A Healthy Treat Your Dog Will Love

Buddy Custard

Buddy Custard is a dog wellness custard with a cottage cheese and flax seed oil base. The proprietary dog wellness blend was created to match a dog’s natural diet and taste.

Ghost with his Buddy Custard

Buddy Custard contains both protein and healthy fats, and dogs will love the taste! It comes in Original and Peanut Butter flavors.

Ghost, about to try Buddy Custard

My dog Ghost, loves ice cream, so Buddy Custard makes a perfect healthy substitute as a treat or meal additive! Flax seed oil contains essential fatty acids, and in combination with the sulphur protein, improve the health of all cells. While Ghost is a young, healthy pup, I am glad to have found an ice cream and treat alternative that is better for him!

Ghost eating Buddy Custard

Ghost really enjoyed the Buddy Custard, and I personally will enjoy the benefits of a healthy best friend for years to come!

To learn more about Buddy Custard, visit their website https://www.buddycustard.com

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